Hiring a Per Diem Attorney Could Help Your Firm

The instances where a law firm is overwhelmed by its case load are all too common. Outsiders get the impression of lawyers as being people who only work for a few hours a day while charging insane amounts of money for the service. But, lawyers are working 24/7 to ensure their clients are getting the best possible representation

Law Firms That Are Overworked

Small and mid-sized law firms can often get overwhelmed by the case load, or events in a specific case. In these instances, hiring a per diem lawyer NYC could be the answer.

Hiring per diem lawyers can alleviate the case load for smaller law firms in a significant way. Per diem attorneys in the New York area are available with a 24-hour turnaround time. That means you can call the per diem attorney on 7AM on a Monday, and you would have them at your offices by 7AM the next day, or sooner.

Per Diem Attorneys Save You Money

Since per diem attorneys use their own resources and offices, they are not going to take up more space or money from your firm when they are aiding with or taking over a case. It is a cost effective and very flexible legal solution.

Hiring an Expert Per Diem Attorney

Another reason to use per diem attorneys is for their expertise. Let us say that you have a client and they are involved in a case that is not your specialty. Your firm could try to help the client with this case, but hiring a per diem attorney who has more experience with the matter is the way to go.

Your client would get a world class legal service, and they would credit your firm for the work. If you chose not to go with the per diem attorney, you may have provided your client with a sub-par legal service related to that matter.