Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

A car accident can leave your life turned upside down. While it is not always easy to avoid an accident, there are a few ways that you can reduce the odds of becoming involved in an accident. Learn some of the tips that can help you avoid a car accident below and ensure that you use these tips every time you head out on the highway.

Stay out of the fast lane, as it limits your pull away options. When you’re in the center or right lane, there are more options to get out of the way when danger presents itself.  Statistics show that most accidents occur in the left, or fast, lane. Avoid driving in this lane at all costs!

There are blind spots that you cannot see from the rearview mirror. While these mirrors do a great job at revealing most vehicles/objects behind and around you, blind spots exist and put you in danger. Check behind your shoulder after you’ve used the rear view mirror to be safe.

Your hand position when driving is important and can help you prevent an accident. Your hands should be placed at the 9 ‘o’clock and the 3’ o’clock positions for proper driving. You have complete control of the steering wheel and vehicle when your hands are in this position when driving.

Remember, a car accident lawyer federal way is always there for you after an accident, ready to help you recover as best as possible with the financial resources that provide peace of mind at an otherwise difficult time. Car accident lawyers offer free consultations and can start your case for free, reducing burdens once again.  If you cannot avoid an accident, at least ensure that a lawyer is there to help you after the fact.